Outdoor Spray Misting System

It’s always hot here in San Antonio and many of my clients that want their homes remodeled are asking about Outdoor Patio Mist Cooling System.  They systems are are a great idea for outdoor cabana’s, decks, swimming pool areas or patios.  Mist cooling systems push water through minuscule nozzles at an incredibly high pressure (about 1000 psi).  This atomizes the the water droplets, causing them to evaporate almost immediately and cool the air (up to 10 degrees cooler).  A fan can be used to move the cool air around the outdoor space.  Outdoor Spray Misting Systems can cost about as much as a high end outdoor grill if you have it professionally installed.,   There are more affordable options that cost less and can be installed by you.  It will depend on how many jets you need.  We purchase ours online for a about $45 for 16 nozzles.  Here is where we order from: Patio Mist Cooling System (this system is pre-assembled, comes with 16 nozzles, 30 feet of mist line, hooks up to a garden hose and includes all mounting brackets) Assembly is quick and easy and can done yourself without having to hire a professional.  You may also consider an outdoor misting fan that oscillates and pushes the air around.