Driveway Replacement 78209

Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills Driveway Replacement

Alamo Heights Driveway Replacement 78209

Is your driveway all cracked up and a trip hazard?  If you live in Terrell Hills and Alamo Heights, this is all to common occurrence.  The reason is the soils are notorious for expanding and contracting.  The soil movement is the reason your driveway and sidewalks all have unsightly cracks, just the drywall on the inside of lots of homes in the Olmos Basin area. 

What can be done to prevent cracks in my driveway replacement in 78209?

The first thing we do is have our structural engineer consult on each driveway and patio replacement we do.  It is ultimately up the engineer to determine the design each project, but we do things like add an extra inch of base and and extra inch of concrete.  This may sound minimal, but lots of driveways only have 4″ of base and 4″ of concrete.  We also add rebar to our driveways and patios instead of wire mesh, which is commonly used.  You may be thinking that having a structural engineer, rebar and an extra layer of base and concrete may over overkill, but we believe in doing things right the first time.  While it is virtually impossible to say that the driveway and patio will never crack by going the extra mile that we do, but the chances decrease.   We are firm believers in the adage that the little things are what set us apart from our competition.  Adding a pvc sleeve under the new driveway give you option down the road to run sprinklers or power under the driveway.  Planning for control joints or expansion joints in the driveway replacement or new patio foundation help break up the stress of the driveway and helps prevent cracks.

You have undoubted seen one of our Rhino signs in the Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills areas as you are driving around.  We have been servicing the area for over 17 years.  We have a special division dedicated to pouring new driveways, demo and driveway replacement, sidewalk replacement and new patio foundations.  We pull permits for all of our jobs and fully insured and licensed.