Window Coating Heat Reduction

Adding a Heat control window film to the inside of your home windows will help keep rooms cooler.  It is almost like tinting your vehicle windows, but for your house instead.  The heat reducing window coating helps reflect the ultraviolet rays from the sun as well as radiant heat and as a result, can help reduce your air conditioning bills.  The heat reduction window coating will also help with heat loss in the winter.  If you have a lot of direct sunlight coming through your window, then adding a Heat control window film can help reduce the amount of heat that enters the room.  Energy efficiency is quickly becoming a major concern for Americans and more an more people are looking for ways to lower their monthly bills.  Adding solar window film, along with radiant barrier and more insulation can help keep your heating and cooling costs down.

Installation can be done yourself and can take about 20-30 minutes per window (depending on the size).  Most solar control window films will last about 10 years, depending on how much direct sun light they receive.  Most of our homes we remodel ask for ways to make their home more energy efficient and this is certainly a great and cost effect way to achieve that.”–Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build in San Antonio, Texas.

How effective is solar window film?

Solar Window Film is installed to your existing windows, and rejects a portion of the heat transmitted from the sun into your home. Reflective solar films are perfect for reducing up to 74% of the suns radiant heat from entering your windows during the summer and also keeps in close to 30% of the heat from escaping in the winter.  Residential window film also blocks 98% of UV rays that would prematurely fade carpets, drapes, furniture, and wood floors.