Shower Pan Letter in City of San Antonio

If you are building an extra bathroom or remodeling a bathroom to include a stand up shower in the City of San Antonio, you are going to be required to submit a Shower Pan Letter.  The City of San Antonio will not pass the final plumbing inspection if the building contractor does not fill out The Shower Pan Letter Form and turn it in prior to your final plumbing inspection.  The letter certifies that the installation, material and shower pan test were done properly.  This will also prevent you from getting your final C of O (certificate of occupancy) or LOC (letter of completion) from the city.

What is a Shower Pan

A Shower Pan is a waterproof “pan” or membrane placed beneath the shower floor tiles or concrete base of a shower that prevents leaking.  Most shower pans are constructed from materials such as concrete, acrylic, fiberglass, or 40 mil thick pvc liner.  Some of these shower pans are sold at standard dimensions, but if you are building a custom shower with  non standard dimensions, you will be better off with a shower pan liner and concrete shower pan.  Shower pans sit at the base of the shower in order to direct water down the drain and keep it from leaking where it isn’t wanted.