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A new concrete driveway can change the entire look to the front of your house in San Antonio, but they also serve an important purpose. When installing a new driveway in San Antonio, there are three vital things to consider that can’t be missed. We must make sure it fits with aesthetics of your home, durable and adds value to your home in San Antonio, Texas.  Also make sure the proper permits are pulled with the City of San Antonio or city you live in.

How Many Vehicles Will You Need Space For?

Think about the vehicles you have or will have. Those kids will be driving sooner than you think.  Then consider what the needs of your family will be over the next five to ten years. Will there be more or less vehicles in the driveway? What size and type of vehicles will your family have? This basic information will allow you to sketch out a minimal size and shape of the new circular driveway in San Antonio. Be sure that your double car driveway has at least a twenty foot width and add more with larger vehicles.  An easy way to start looking at what type of driveway will fit on your property is to look at the survey.  The survey was given to you when you closed on your home and should be inside the closing documents from your title company.  This shows the layout of your house as well as building setbacks and easements on your property.

Also take the time to consider whether any special circumstances exist or will come into play. Drivers and passengers with physical disabilities will need level, wide surfaces and you should include plenty of space for all of the necessary gear when there’s a baby in the house.  Try to avoid steps or steep slopes if at all possible.

Driveway length depends on the layout of your property more than anything. Just be sure that vehicles are not hanging over the sidewalk. If possible, designing for a longer driveway will give you more options for shape and direction. Corner lots have a choice of entrance that may give them more flexibility.  Circular driveways are also a consideration but you must have the room on the front of your property for it to properly work.

How Can Different Shapes Increase Safety?

In high traffic areas pulling out of your driveway can be dangerous. By shaping your driveway the right way you can add safety and create better function. Try a T-shaped area for turning around or a circular driveway for quick pulling in and out. Avoiding the need to reverse will potentially avoid parking issues on your own driveway and create a safer, more functional area.

What Is the Optimum Material For a Driveway?

The answer may be different for every home, but most of our clients choose a new concrete driveway since it is extremely durable and doesn’t have a lot of upkeep/maintenance when compared to other alternatives as pavers, asphalt, pebble or decomposed granite.  Concrete driveways in San Antonio can be stamped, scored, stained or painted to really make your house stand out from the rest on your block. 

How much does a new driveway cost in San Antonio, Texas?

A new concrete driveway can cost from $8 to $18 per square foot (not including demolition of the old driveway), depending on slope, thickness, rebar sizing, decorative colors and finishes. While a plain gray concrete driveway costs between $6 and $10 per square foot to install.  This does not include any curb cuts that may need to be done.