Excellent Bathroom Addition and Remodeling for an Elegant Home

Since both of us love our homes, it is safe to assume that like me, the bathroom is frequently the first area they think of whenever we think of remodeling our homes. Bathrooms simply have a tendency to destroy or enhance the attractiveness of our homes. If a bathroom doesn’t appeal to guests in just the right way, the odds of their liking our home is greatly reduced.

The good news though is that you can remodel the bathroom in a way that is both appealling and comfortable to people. While bathrooms before concentrated on utility more than design, modern bathrooms work within elegant and distinctive styles. We are going to tackle some of the unique designs and features of bathroom remodeling in this section.

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Things to Consider in Remodeling Your Bathroom – The Modern and Stylish Aspect

For you to consider a bathroom remodel, you’re one of those rare people who know the significance of their bathroom, and won’t fall victim to the statement above.

Bathroom addition or bathroom remodeling can be hard if you do not know what ideal items are perfect for the bathroom to fit modern styles. If you don’t want to miss out on the bathroom craze today, you may want to check out Popular Bathroom Remodel Trends by Leonardo Contracting when adding or remodeling a bathroom. Below are just a couple of ideas.


Bathroom showers have come a long way from your standard hose and nozzle. Today, you can program showers to remember your personal preferences from temperature to water pressure. These high-tech gadgets are definitely a luxury, but there are other trends that are a little more affordable.

Showers are also getting larger. Some homeowners are even opting to go with larger showers instead of creating a bathroom that houses both a shower and a bath tub. These larger showers often feature several shower heads, body sprays, seating and relaxing lighting.


Jacuzzi tubs are no longer the a master bathroom “must have”. Today, homeowners are installing deep soaking tubs that are just as luxurious without all of that noise. High-end tubs can even feature mood lighting and therapeutic music.”

Looking at it carefully, it’s in the bathroom that you clean up to expose your cleanliness. If it isn’t in a great shape, how can you wash yourself up with it? Would it not wind up making you filthier than you were prior to using it?

Also, a bathroom remodel provides your house more value than before remodeling your bathroom. This signifies that if you’re to sell your home, it will cost more due to the changes you did to your bathroom. Since you can’t transfer the bathroom to a new home, it will be counted in with the sale and will interest more buyers, particularly if you carry out the remodeling well.

The master bath is going to be the first area the people usually look into. The modern master bathrooms’ design focuses on many spaces with sophisticated shower, sink and tub design. The majority of modern baths have omitted the traditional entry for an open area with the master bedroom.

bathroom remodeling styles
Bathroom addition or bathroom remodeling can be hard if you do not know what ideal items are perfect for the bathroom to fit modern styles.

It is a great idea to check out magazines, or websites to get a notion of how folks are remodeling their baths. Mix and match concepts from various bathrooms to make a space that’s unique but useful for you and your family.

But if you are more into sustainability, modernity and aesthetics, you should read 7 Tips for Creating a Modernized and Sustainable Bathroom by Modernize. They provide several ideas for a fresh, economical bathroom.

“Ditch the tub. It’s sad but true. Your bathtub is a huge waste of water—a full bath uses 70 gallons of water, whereas a five-minute shower takes only 10 to 25 gallons. Try ditching the tub for a water-saving shower instead. And if a leisurely candle bath is part of your nightly pampering tradition, consider alternating the days that you sit and soak—or even opt for a weekly bath instead.

Try a steam shower instead of a body spray. A steam shower can stretch two gallons of water over more than twenty minutes, making for an equally luxurious experience that doesn’t waste water in the process.

Use natural materials in your bathroom. Metal, porcelain, and recycled glass are all eco-friendly choices that will give you a sleek, modern-chic appearance while also leaving a lighter footprint. Glass tile especially infuses your bathroom with a refreshing and invigorating feeling.”

Bathroom Updates That Won’t Break the Bank by HowStuffWorks also provides a couple of ideas that will help you save cash. Here’s a tip:

“New Towels and Shower Curtain

Expensive towels may feel like a splurge, but they’re still going to be cheaper than a full (or even a partial) bathroom redo – plus, when paired with a new shower curtain, they provide tons of visual impact (as well as texture, pattern, and color).

A change as simple as swapping out dark brown towels for white or pale blue ones for a cheery pink can give your bathroom a whole new look – that you can change at a moment’s notice without spending your budget on massive renovations.”

The Bottom Line?

Certainly, it’s a sign of good personal hygiene to want a bathroom remodeled. Numerous people do not care about their bathroom. Such people will not only embarrass themselves when visitors enter their houses, they also find going into the bathroom an inconvenient time. In such cases, if the bathroom isn’t in great shape, and you’d end up leaving a bad impression in your visitors’ mind.

Apart from visitors entering your home, it’s also helpful for you to change your bathroom for the sake of livability and cleanliness. This will benefit you in the long run because a clean bathroom is a pleasurable thing to have.