Why don’t my doors close properly on my house

If your doors “stick” or simply won’t close properly, then there are a couple of possible problems.  The door may not have been installed properly.  An experienced handyman or contractor can diagnose the problem and fix them with some added shims or an adjustment to the hinges.  Another possibility is that the foundation could have …

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Foundation Leveling

How do I know if my foundation needs to be leveled? If you live in Alamo Heights or Terrell Hills areas of San Antonio, you most likely have some issue’s with your foundation.  Some tell tale signs of foundation distress: windows and doors that don’t open and close properly, diagonal cracks in the walls (inside …

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Pier and Beam Foundation

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation? Pier and beam foundations are a concrete (or cedar) footing and pier which supports floor joists and structure of the house.  These foundations usually have crawl spaces underneath the home depending on the slope of the land the house is built upon.  For pier-and-beam foundations, pier spacing will …

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