How Do I Know When I Need to Replace My Roof?

How do you know when it is time for a new roof in San Antonio? Well, the most obvious reason is if your roof is leaking.  Most of my clients here in San Antonio don’t even know there is a leak until they start seeing water dripping from the ceiling.  This can be avoided if you periodically take a flashlight and look up into the attic during a rain storm and see if there is any water dripping from the roof decking. If you catch it early, it won’t cause as much damage and can save you a ton of money. Once the leak comes through to the living space, then you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damage, rather than hundreds.

Our team of professional roofers work with insurance adjusters to make sure you get a proper roofing replacement.  What sets up apart from our competition?  It’s the little things.  Not only have you probably seen one of our Rhino signs in the area, but have a solid reputation for maintaining high customer service and satisfaction standards.  Each job has a roll off trash dumpster AND portable restroom.  This is important because this eliminates guys having to come into your home or “watering” your tree’s or bushes. Have hail damage on your vehicle and want to repair it yourself?  Try using a car dent hail remover.

Roofing Tips

Go outside and examine the condition of your current roof.  If there are any tree branches rubbing against the roof, it is important to keep them trimmed back, as the branches can wear the tiles away little by little.  Do the shingles look old and discolored?  Are they are any loose or missing shingles?  Is there a bunch of asphalt in your driveway or sidewalk that has come off your asphalt shingle roof? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to get a few roofing contractors to take a look at your roof and give you their opinion.  Chances are they will suggest that you need to a new roof.  Ask a friend or family member who is familiar with roofing as well.  Call your insurance company and see if a portion of your new roof replacement will be covered and how much you will have to come out of pocket after the deductible is paid.  Also if it has recently hailed or a big wind storm has come through, ask your insurance company to come out and inspect the roof.

We replace a lot of roofs when we are adding a room addition or remodeling a home.  The roofing crews are charge less when they are already on site and have workers ready to work.  Ask your general contractor for a discount if he already doing home repairs to your existing home.