Should I Replace My Refrigerator

Your Refrigerator uses 13.7% of your electricity bill. A 2009 Energy Star refrigerator model will save you up to 40% in energy use over refrigerators manufactured as recently as 2001.  It might seem wasteful to get rid of that 2001 model, but it makes good financial sense.  Just make sure it is labeled as an Energy Star refrigerator.

We build homes and have found that by ordering online, we save more money than buying from the major home improvement stores.  Ordering online saves you time and money.  When you order direct from the manufacturer, you don’t have to pay the local hardware store’s overhead and can save a bundle.  Here is where we order from: Refrigerator Online

If you still have a fridge from the 1980’s, replace it with an ENERGY STAR qualified model and save over $100 each year on your utility bills. Replace a fridge from the 1970’s and save nearly $200 each year!  That is great news for my clients here in San Antonio who gone through a kitchen remodel.  Rhino Design Build can help you plan that new home remodel you are considering.

You may qualify for a federal tax credit if you purchase a new Energy Star Appliance.  The tax credit is 30% of the cost up to $1500.  Check the Energy Star website to see how to qualify.