Will I devalue my home if I remove a bedroom

The answer is not quite that simple.  If you reduce the square footage of your home, it will appraise for less.  The same could apply for downsizing from a 4 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom home.  I have clients that had a 4 bedroom house, but the bedrooms were too small so they had us come in and knock down a wall to combine two rooms into one.  This could affect the value of the home.  I would contact a licensed real estate agent or a residential appraiser before you start combining rooms.  You should consider your home as an investment that you will one day sell.  Make sure the decisions you make when remodeling will appeal to buyers in the future.  You also don’t want to be the most expensive house on the block, so do some research and talk to real estate and home remodeling experts before your dive in and start construction.

I met with some clients that lived in Alamo Heights last week and they wanted to tear down two enclosed patio room additions because they were built on a patio slab.  As a result, the room enclosures were falling apart because they were not built on a proper foundation.  The home owner had a total of 3,000 square feet on living area and they wanted to tear down the two room additions that totaled 1,500 square feet.  This would have left them with only 1,500 square feet of living space and as a result would have devalued their home by $300,000.”  Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build in San Antonio, Texas.

Will I increase the value of my home if I add a room?

The answer is: probably yes.  As long as you don’t pay too much in construction costs, you should see an increase in your home’s value.  You also need to  make sure that the added square footage flows well with the rest of the home.  I have seen houses sit on the market for long periods of time because someone decided to build a  room addition that didn’t flow well with the existing home’s floor plan.  Design plays a large role in determining how well a new room addition will transition with your existing floor plan.  Matching the same building materials as your home was originally built with will help the new room addition blend in with the existing home structure.  Adding a bathroom can also help increase the value of your home.  Professionals are here for a reason….to help you achieve your goals.