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Adding on to a house can be disruptive to your life, your household operations, your personal finances, your family relationships and your neighbors. I would recommend staying somewhere else during construction. It is also a good idea to keep your neighbors informed about your plans to remodel. The design and construction process can also be exciting and gratifying as you see your plans come to fruition! Furthermore, you may realize substantial savings by building a room addition instead of relocating and incurring real estate transaction costs.

The two basic types of room additions include horizontal additions and vertical additions. If you have space and necessary clearances on your property, a horizontal addition to the main living area of your house can greatly increase its comfort level and usability. Horizontal room additions generally require new foundations to support the new space. If you have a small lot, you may be limited to adding an upstairs bedroom or bathroom. This could involve raising your roofline or extending your roof with a shed or gable dormer. If your budget does not permit an expensive addition, you may be able to add a screened porch or sunroom more economically. These “3-season” rooms may not require central heating or air conditioning and can be built fairly quickly.

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Oakleaf Room Addition

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A room addition can give your home much-needed space, comfort, and style.  One of the most fun parts of putting an addition on your home is the planning and dreaming stage.  I share the following information with my clients in San Antonio before we begin any room addition or home remodeling project.

The first thing you should do in your planning stage is figure out what issues your room addition will address.  Is your bedroom too dark and small?  Would you like your kitchen to be  larger or updated?  This is the time to get all your thoughts and ideas down on paper and out in the open.

Before you go any further, start thinking about what a realistic budget might be.  It’s all well and good to decide that you need a larger bedroom, but that master suite complete with double walk-in closets, veranda, and hot tub may be well beyond your means.  A quick way to figure out your budget it to calculate the square footage you will be adding at multiply that number times $320 per square foot.  Example:  if you are adding a new living space that is 400 square feet, then multiply 400 sf X $320.  There are many variables that will determine cost.  This is just a quick way to get you a “ball park” idea of construction cost.

Now that you know what you need and have a budget, start planning and dreaming!  Look at basic room additions, and decide which will best fit your needs.  Will an outside structure address your needs, or will a bump-out be the perfect way to get the space and architectural interest you desire?  Are you adding on a whole room, or will a second-story room addition solve your problems?

Planning a room addition is not only an opportunity to add space to your home, it also allows you to address any layout issues that your home currently has.  It is also a great way to add value to your home appraisal.  For example, if there are areas in your home in which the room flow doesn’t work, careful planning of your addition might help you solve this problem at the same time.

Once you have an idea in your mind of how large and where you would like your room addition to be, be sure to talk to The City of San Antonio’s zoning and planning offices before banging the first nail.  Many cities like San Antonio, Texas have regulations regarding room additions and home remodeling, that address things like the number of bedrooms a home has,  how tall it is and the building setbacks, etc.

The planning and dreaming stage is the right time to make your wish list.  Make a list of features you want in your addition, and number them in order of priority.  Later, you can work with your contractor to determine how many of these features will fit into your budget.

Our average room addition in San Antonio for adding 400 square feet starts at $130,000 and goes up from there.  There are so many factors that go into arriving at the final construction cost since each project has a unique scope of work.