Paint Roller

So your remodeling your home and painting yourself, huh?  You don’t need to wash out your paint roller if you are going to use it again tomorrow.  This is assuming you are going to continue painting the walls or ceiling the same color. with the same paint roller Simply spread out about 18″ of plastic wrap on the floor and push the roller over the plastic.  Use bread ties on the ends to seal and your painting roller will be ready for you to reuse tomorrow.  You just saved yourself some money!  If you have any left over paint, it is best to label the paint can with the date, room and where the paint was applied so you can easily find it later if you need to do any touch up painting.  Example:  Garcia Home Remodel, 10-1-09, kitchen wall color.  It is also best to store the paint can upside down.  The paint will form a seal around the lid and stat fresher longer.