How do I know when it is time to paint in San Antonio

Painting the interior or exterior can be an easy way to give your home a fresh look in San Antonio.  Changing the color scheme can also make your home feel completely different.  It can take as little as a half day or an entire weekend to paint an average size room (12’x12′ room).  Sometimes the most time consuming part of painting a room isn’t the painting itself…it’s the prep work before you start painting (taping baseboards, trim, covering light fixtures, covering the floor, etc).  For others, it is the challenge of knowing what paint color to choose for the new walls, ceilings or trim.

Knowing when it is time to paint the interior of a home can be as simple as simply looking at your walls and asking your self these questions:  Are they dingy looking?  Do they have scratches or is the paint peeling in some areas?  Are you tired of that color on the walls and want a change?  Paint can stay looking great on interior walls for years.  Small children, cigarette smoke and scratches from moving furniture can cause some painting jobs to not last as long as others.

Check the weather forecast before you paint the exterior of your home.  You don’t want to get caught painting just before it rains.  The ideal time to paint is when the temperature is around 70F and the wind is mild. Overcast days are much easier to work in than hot sunny days.  Most of our clients choose to paint in the spring when home remodeling is popular.”  Danny Garcia owner of Rhino Design Build in San Antonio, Texas.

How often should I paint my house?

The exterior of a house should be painted every 5-7 years to maintain the wood stays protected.  In some areas of the country, it could be more often depending of the weather.  Snow and ice can cause peeling or cracking in the paint.  We don’t have that problem here in San Antonio, Texas, but we do have the sun to deal with.  The sun can also dry out the paint and cause it to crack.  Make sure the painting contractor power washes or sands any peeling or cracking paint.  Painting on top of the peeling and cracking paint simply won’t do.  If the paint is cracking on the interior of your home, you need to look at it closer.  Is it the paint cracking or is the sheetrock cracking?  If it is the sheetrock cracking you will to have some taping, floating and texturing done before you paint.   This could also be caused by a shift in the foundation.