Floor insulation under the house

Adding Floor Insulation to the underside of your home can help lessen cold air drafts and increase the energy efficiency of your home.   Many of Rhino Design Builds clients that we remodel homes for in the San Antonio area ask about the benefits of floor insulation.  The gains provided by floor insulation aren’t as large as those related with attic insulation or wall insulation, but they still may deserve the investment.  First of all, the home must have a pier and beam foundation and must have a crawl space with adequate space to be able to install the floor insulation.  Sealing all holes and voids in the flooring with caulk is very important.  Also, having adequate drainage under the house is very important to keep moisture from building.  The crawl space should be properly vented to help keep the moisture from building as well.  We use R-19 batt insulation and attach it with wires to hold it securely in place.  A plastic vapor barrier is optional depending on the amount of moisture under the house.  If you don’t have Floor Insulation
in your home now, you may want to consider adding some.

We order our insulation online and get better savings than buying from the big home improvement stores.