Do Seamless Gutters Have Seams

Yes they do!  There is no such thing as a “seamless gutter.”  Think about it.  When a gutter makes a turn around a corner, there is going to be a seam there.  There is also a seam at each end of the gutter and at each outlet tube.  These are all potential areas for the gutters to leak.  Don’t let a salesperson tell you that their gutter system will never leak.  Any time there is a seam, there is always the potential for a leak if it isn’t installed properly.  When it comes to gutters, you have several choices:  aluminum, steel, copper, wood, galvalum, vinyl and plastic.

What is the purpose of gutters?

Gutters collect the rain water from your roof and direct it to a certain area away from the house or building.  Water coming down from your roof and collecting or ponding in a certain area can cause damage to your building foundation.  Not having gutters can cause topsoil or flower bed run off because as the rain falls from the roof, it comes down with constant force and concentrated on that one area.  This can also cause splash back on your building exterior and eventually cause your siding to rot.  Having gutters installed at strategic areas of your home is key.