14 Stages of a Typical Kitchen Remodel

I’ve been building new homes and remodeling homes in San Antonio and Bexar County for years. I’ve always found it enjoying…taking your ideas and turning them into a reality. Imagine a 20 to 30 year old kitchen: The cabinets are oak, some of the drawers stick and they’re dark which makes the kitchen feel dark. In front of the sink the finish is pealing and the 4 inch by 4 inch tile with the stained grout looks like it should have been left in the 60’s. Here is how Rhino Design Build can turn that ugly kitchen into friend and family envy:

Kitchen Before

Stage one: All the countertops and cabinets are gone! It’s a good day.
Stage two: New plugs and new recessed lighting installed. It’s a good day.
Stage three: Drywall repaired first coat of mud drying. This is not the most fun day!
Stage four: Sanded and put on final mud coat on drywall. Glad drywall is done.
Stage five: Floor covering is removed. WOW…everything looks so different!
Stage six: Prime and paint walls and ceiling.
Stage seven: Finish painting. It’s a good day.
Stage eight: Start installing new kitchen cabinets. It’s all coming together!
Stage nine: Finish cabinet installation. Template for new granite countertops.
Stage ten: Install new plugs, switches, appliances and trim kits for the lighting. It looks like a kitchen again!
Stage eleven: Install new flooring.
Stage twelve: Finish flooring and install baseboards. Wow, what a day.
Stage thirteen: Finish up the “little” things. Boy, those little things can be time consuming!
Stage fourteen: Install new granite countertops, sink and faucet. Wipe everything down. Wow, it looks great. It’s a GREAT day! I love Rhino’s!!!

Kitchen After

**This timeline is an Example only, every project flows differently depending upon its complexity and specifications.  Every home remodel, room addition or kitchen remodel has a different timeline base on material selection and construction workload.