What to expect when renovating a home

So I’m headed to one of our projects over here in Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills area. The 78209 is where we have a lot of our projects that are going on, fortunately. One thing that happens a lot with building inspectors and inspections are, they can make us do things to bring the house up to code, which sometimes throws us for a loop. One example that we’ve been hit with lately are smoke detectors. With the new builds that we do, the new construction part, of course everything is up to code. Electricians, we pull permits for everything that we do. But when it comes inspection time, sometimes the inspectors want us to have smoke detectors in the rest of the house. The problem with that is a lot of these houses have very shallow pitched roofs. So trying to get a man in the attic is very tough, if not impossible.

So if you can imagine, we’re at the end of the project, and everything’s done. The final inspector comes out and he says, “Yeah I want smoke detectors in each of the room, wired.” So the hard part is that, again, the project’s finished and we have to figure out how to, without destroying the house, get smoke detectors wired. They can’t be battery operated, they have to be actually hard wired. So, one of the things that we kind of have to deal with, and we … It’s necessary to get the final inspection, so we have to follow what the inspectors ask us to do.