How much does a room addition cost and what it the process?

Construction of a room addition in San Antonio takes lots of time and bid preparation in order to arrive at the final estimate for building a room addition.  We always start with a phone call with our potential clients to see if their scope of work, budget and construction timeline fit with project criteria.  If so, we schedule a time for us to go out to the house and see the project first hand.  This gives a better understanding of the project as a whole and allows us to meet our potential clients.  As much as our clients are interviewing us, we have to do the same to make sure this is a good fit for both of us.  If the project had checked all the boxes and we decide we can move forward, we begin the design process (unless you already have architectural and engineered drawings.  Since each project is unique, we take careful time and thought into each design for our clients.  Once we have completed the design and you have singed off on all plans and chosen your building materials, we then schedule a walk-through with our construction team.  This gives all of our subcontractors the ability to make sure they include everything needed in order to bid the job per recommended design.  Sometimes, there will need to be adjustments to the plans based on subcontractor recommendations.  We ask our client to make a list of items in their project from “nice to have’s vs must have’s.”  Our total bid process can take 3-4 depending on the size and scope of work for your project.  Once we have compiled all the information into our software, you are then sent a link to view the bid online.  You are even able to see some of the bids from our subcontractors in pdf format.  This is called the “wish list bid” because we bid according to plans.   We break it all down by line items, just like a menu at a restaurant.  Our average bid is about 12 pages long, so you can see why it takes time to compile.  We then schedule a time to sit down with you to see what line items need to be adjusted, removed or re-bid in order to meet your budget.  Once we have gotten the bid to where you are comfortable, we are ready to proceed with construction.

How Much Does a Guest House Cost to Build?

Our average detached guest house is approximately 426 square feet and costs $96,000 to build.  This includes design, permits, labor, materials, etc.  There are many factors that determine the cost of a detached guest house or casita.  We do a thorough assessment of how we will tie into the existing sewer line, how we will get power to the guest house,  determine the final height of the foundation, etc.  Construction is not cheap and that why we have to make sure we get it right the first time.  We ask all of our clients to be patient during the bidding phase because this is a very crucial time to make sure we include everything you want for your new detached guest, casita, father in law suite or room addition.  The bulk of our work in the Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills area because we referred out from previous clients.