You might think that the living room is the most “lived in” room in your house, but it’s usually the kitchen! Whether you’d like to maximize your space, build an island, add a sleek kitchen countertop, or all new cabinetry that will give you a modern touch to your kitchen, we will help you along every step of the way.

A general rule of thumb for kitchen remodeling expenditures is 60% for cabinents, 25% for countertops and 15% for appliances.


If existing cabinets are still in good condition, in good working order and the layout functions well, the most affordable option is to re-stain, paint, or reface them. Approximately 65% of actual cabinet cost is the door. Also updating the hardware goes a long way updating the look of your cabinets.


Kitchens are getting an eco-friendly boost from energy efficient appliances, water saving fixtures, and indoor air quality. This is the bulk of your electricity bill. Your refrigerator ranks second to your air conditioning system in terms of energy use. Replace old appliances (refrigerator, stove, cook top, dishwasher) with new energy star rated appliances.


Solid surface, granite and quartz remain popular options with many colors to choose from. Stainless steel and concrete are emerging as new countertop favorites.


A common mistake made by homeowners is trying to light the entire kitchen area with just one light fixture. Most experts agree that the most effective kitchen lighting comes from four blended layers: task, ambient, accent and decorative. This results in a warm and inviting environment blends well with other key design elements. Task lighting is for food prep areas, underneath cabinets and over an island. Ambient lighting is the general light in the room. Good ambient light allows you to work safely in most areas of the kitchen and provides the overall lighting feel for the space. Accent lighting is even more focused and highlights objects or areas you want to show off, such as artwork, glassware, or special pottery. Though this kind of kitchen lighting isn’t meant to make your workspace a more functional place, it can add an aesthetic touch to the room that will enhance the space and bring your newly remodeled kitchen to life. Decorative lighting is usually the focal point of your kitchen such as a chandelier, track lighting or other eye catching fixtures on display.


In both kitchens and baths, glass, metal, porcelain and hardwood tiles are very popular. Glass is used on kitchen back-splashes, shower walls and as accents on floors adding depth, sparkle and luminescence. Metal back-splashes help compliment stainless steel appliances.