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We also do more comprehensive renovations that require complete demolition of the existing space to make room for the new design of your building.  Our team of architects, engineers and designers can help you renovate that free standing building or commercial office building into your dream business creation.

What Should I Consider When Planning a Commercial Building Renovation?

Here are some thing to think about when you are planning to renovate a business in San Antonio:

Purpose:  What are trying to achieve with the renovation of commercial office or restaurant? Have a clear vision on your needs and function for the space you want to create. Hiring an architect can certainly help you bring your ideas to life. 

Functionality:  When thinking about renovating office space, functionality, safety and comfort are certainly things are important to take into consideration. The overall ambiance needs to be compatible with the message you want to send to your clientele.

Construction Budget and Project Timeline: As you start to plan the renovation of your office or commercial building in San Antonio, you need to create a realistic budget with your architect or general contractor. We always ask our clients to make a list of their “Must Haves and Nice to Haves.”  This will help you prioritize what are nonnegotiable things you must leave in the construction budget and things that can be removed if you go over budget.  Just know that we ALWAYS bid to our clients “wish list” and per plans.  Sticker shock is pretty common and that where the value engineering begins.  Most clients don’t know how much the items the architect is asking for cost to build.  A qualified general contractor can help you navigate more affordable options that give you the same look that the architect is asking for without the hefty price tag.

The cost of a building renovation can be high, and the renovation process long and stressful, especially if you have a target date of Opening for Christmas, for example.  The City of San Antonio shuts down for approximately two weeks during that time so inspections don’t happen and Certificate of Occupancy are very difficult to obtain. 


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